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WBW 08-06-12

  Monday, August 6, 2012


Being a life lone train lover, after being partially raised by a Telegraph Operator on the New York Central Railroad in Ann Arbor, and spending about a million hours at that depot with him growing up, I love all things “Train”. 

With that in mind, I drove to Dexter, MI for my walk today.  Dexter is an old community about 15 miles north west of us, and 8 railroad miles west of Ann Arbor.  This is the old, and beautifully restored Dexter Depot.  Passenger service ended there in 1953 and the building was forgotten.  Thankfully, in the 1980’s The Ann Arbor Model Railroad Club bought it from the from the then, Penn Central, restored it from top to bottom, and build a fantastic model railroad layout inside.  The layout depicts the New York Central Railroad between Detroit and Jackson, Michigan.  IT IS AMAZING!!!

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Click on the photo above to read the plaque.


Click on the photo above to see a small part of  this amazing layout.


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