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WBW 07-20-12

  Friday, July 20, 2012


Friday night is “Knight’s Night” for Dr. Dave, Miss Sue, and friends.  Knight’s Steak House in Ann Arbor is the “Cheers” of the midwest, and Mike Leier, the head “Cocktail Mixologist”, pictured here petting a ceramic bunny(!) is a huge part of its’ personality.  This pond is outside Knight’s, where inside you will find the best food and nicest helper folks that exist anywhere.  If you want the best prime rib you’ve ever tasted, this is the place.  If you want the best cocktail ever, made by a guy with a quick wit, who not only hears everything in the joint, but is one of the Dexter, MI tornado survivors, Mike’s your guy.  Heather, a sweet Michigan Yuper lass, is his side kick on Friday nights.  A better, nicer, friendlier team doesn’t exist.  If you ever get within 100 miles of Ann Arbor and miss Knight’s and Mike, and Heather and rest of the crew, then shame on you!!!

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